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Series Circuit Transformers

Isolating Transformer

We Manufacture toroidal shape Isolating Transformers regularly used in all airfield lighting applications

The following transformers are manufactured in compliance with FAA, ICAO & IS.

Rated WattageRated Current
25W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
30W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
45W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
65W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
100W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
150W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
200W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 8.3A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV
300W6.6/6.6A 20A/6.6A 50Hz 5KV

Frangible Wind Direction Indicator


Externally and Internally illuminated wind direction indicator suitable for airport and helipad operations.

Current Ballast

Power Converter

Current Ballast for series circuit lighting systems.
ERTL Certified: ERTL(N)/90(4)-(2011-12)/C0649
Rating:1/2.8-6.6 Amps Suitable for Runway/Taxiway Signboards upto 58Watt Rluorescent lamp.


  • ESNA Connectors
  • Breakable Couplings
  • Consumable Gaskets
  • Secondary Leads