Creative Trading Co.


Runway Lighting Equipments

Edge Light

Edge Light Bi-directional Runway Edge Light.

Taxiway Light

Taxiway Light Omni Directional Taxiway Edge lights.

Approach Light

Approach Light Elevated type unidirectional approach light fittings.


PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator.

Guard Light

Guard Light Wig Wag Lights LED/Halogen Type.

Threshold Light

Threshold Light Unidirectional Runway Elevated type Threshold Light.

Series Circuit Accessories

Isolating Transformers

Isolating Transformers Series Circuit Transformers.

Primary Cables

Primary Cables 5KV Grade Airfield Lighting Cables.

ESNA Connectors

AESNA Connectors Plug and reciptacals.

Secondary Leads

Secondary Leads Secondary Leads.


Power Converters

Power Converters Current Ballast Series Circuit Lighting System.

Mandatory Signboards

Mandatory Signboards Mandatory Runway Signages.

Infomatory Signboards

Infomatory Signboards Infomatory Taxiway Signages.


Coupling Breakable Couplings.


Dichrome Type Lamps

Dirchrome Type Lamps Airfield Lighting Lamps for inset type fittings.

Bipin Type Lamps

Bipin Type Lamps Bi pin type 6.6A halogen lamps.

PK30D Lapms

PK30D Lamps PK30D 6.6A Airfield Lighting Lamps.

Lens Gaskets

Gaskets for taxiway

Gaskets for taxiway Lens Gaskets for Taxiway Ligths Elevated type.

Gaskets for Approach

Gaskets for Approach Lens Gaskets for Approach Lights ELevated Type.

Gaskets for Inset

Gaskets for Inset O-ring Gaskets for Inset type Lights.

Gasket for Runway

Gasket for Runway Gasket For Base Plates and couplings.