Creative Trading Co.



Supply, installation, testing, commisioning of all type of ground lighting equipments such as Runway Lights, Approach Lights, Taxiway Lights in both both elevated and inset type, PAPI, Wind Direction Indicator, Runway Guard Light, Runway End Indication Lights, Runway End Threshold Light, Obstruction Light etc and all associated electrical works.

Project Direction and Service Support

Project Direction: Undertake overseas projects direct or sub contracts for GLF including supervisions.
Service Support: Undertake Annual Maintenance Contract/Annual Rate Contract for GLF and electrical systems. Extended supervision services for sitting pots installations. CTC also provide manpower supply for overseas projects.

Supply and Laying of HT, LT and Control cables

CTC supplies reputed makes of cables, control cables and CPRI certified LT panels including laying and termination.

Design and Fabrication of Housing Box

Supply of L-867, L-868 Deepcans, Shallow Bases, Sitting Pots, MS Housing Box, CI Housing Box, Double Pocketed Box, Baseplates, Basecovers etc as per client specifications.

DFSITC of LT Panel

Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commisioning of LT Panels, Feeder Panels, Feeder Pillers, Junctions Boxes, Control Box, Cable Route Markers etc as per client specifications.


Supply of consumables like lamps, holders, secondary lead, ESNA connectors(Plug and recipticals), secondary connectors, lenses, filters, breakable couplings, gaskets, fastners, reflectors, lens clamping mechanism, lens holding mechanism etc.